Wednesday, 28 January 2009


If you have ever lived with a woman as she is going through the menopause, be it your wife or your mother, you will be aware that it can be a tough time in a woman's life! Some women are fortunate enough to make the transition easily, but most experience at least one of a long list of symptoms which can range from hot flushes, disturbed sleep, stress, low energy and libido, bladder problems, osteoporosis, muscle and joint aches and pains, vaginal dryness, weight gain and IRRITABILITY! Well, who would be happy with all that going on?


There are several options in how to deal with all of this. You can try to persuade the body not to be menopausal by using hormone replacement therapy (HRT), but this is not suitable to every woman and is only postponing the inevitable. Some women are also understandably concerned about side effects reported in the press, such as an increased risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, strokes and blood clots.

Many herbs have been given the status of 'miraculous', however, the little known herb Pueraria mirifica PM PhytoGen really does live up to its name - in fact mirifica is a Latin word meaning 'miracle maker'. PM PhytoGen experienced positive results immediately, and after six months every woman reported improvements in all 20 menopausal issues monitored in the study. It also has a long history of promoting youthful skin and hair, as well as strength and vitality.


PM PhytoGen contains phytoestrogens which are also found in other helpful herbs such as Red Clover and Dong quai, but is unique in that it contains a nutrient called miroestrol. Miroestrol is similar to oestriol, a weak oestrogen found in the female body that plays a protective role in health, and it is thought that it is the action of miroestrol which is the key reason for the miraculous properties of PM, making it much stronger than other phytoestrogens in helping to relieve hot flushes, night sweats and headaches.

It is not hard to see how menopausal symptoms can make life a misery, particularly coming at a time when perhaps children are leaving home, parents are becoming old and frail, and at the same time realising that you are not getting any younger yourself. It is therefore important to know that there is help available even if you are not able (or willing) to take HRT. Pop in to our shops in Wadebridge and have a chat with one of our knowledgeable members of staff, and we might be able to put a spring back in your step!

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By Randi Henderson
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