Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wadebridge Big Lunch 5 June 2011

If you're in North Cornwall, Sunday June 5th, come along to sunny (yes, sunny! Forecast is looking amazing) Wadebridge and help us celebrate our Big Lunch!

The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project.

The aim is to get as many people as possible across the whole of the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a simple act of community, friendship and fun. It's as simple as that!

Bring food to share or not; bring friends. With lots of others doing the same it's going to buzz and buzz.

Last year there were over a thousand people and the party atmosphere made your hair stand on end (like Tim's - see right). With music and festivities, food and whatnot on sale, it's a delight for young and old. Be there! The brains behind the operation is our own Harriet Wild, from Elixir Health Foods, seen above in a picture with Tim Smit, the inspiration behind the National Day.

Good on you Tim!

The graffiti artists, I believe, are now high on the list of the Cornish Constabulary most wanted...what a reckless crew!

New Era Tissue And Combination Salts

To all purchasers who formerly used New Era Tissue Salts: 


 Click on the link to buy the Schuessler Tissue Salts @elixirhealth.co.uk: http://tiny.cc/n6ejxw

While the UK manufacturer Seven Seas has DISCONTINUED the whole range of New Era homeopathic tissue salts, we are very pleased at elixirhealth.co.uk to offer instead the Schuessler Tissue Salts, an equivalent brand from Germany. The Schuessler Tissue Salts are the original type of homeopathic tissue salts Seven Seas manufactured in the UK under the name of New Era.

Sch-Salt1Since the Schuessler Tissue Salts are unlicensed in the UK market, the manufacturer cannot make any claims about the medicinal purposes of the products on the bottles and neither can we say so on our commercial website. The bottles of the Schuessler Tissue Salts bottles are labelled with the same names of all the 12 salts, and we have used the same numbering classification as before to help identify the New Era salt you previously used. Ironically, there are lots of information websites and blogs on the internet which explain the uses of the salts.

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Calc Flour - No.1 : Calcium Flouride for tissue elasticity; impaired circulation; varicose veins; piles.
Calc. Phos - No.2: Calcium Phosphate -Debility; repaired digestion; teething trouble; chilblains.
Calc. Sulph – No.3: Calcium Sulphate - Acne, adolescent pimples; skin slow to heal; sore lips. A blood constituent.
Ferr. Phos – No.4: Iron Phosphate - Blood stream oxygenation; chills; fevers; inflammation; congestion coughs; colds.
Kali. Mur– No.5: Potassium Chloride - Minor respiratory ailments; coughs; colds; children’s feverish ailments.
Kali. Phos– No.6: Potassium Phosphate - Nerve soothing, exhaustion, indigestion, headache; stress due to worry or exhaustion.
Kali. Sulph– No.7: Potassium Sulphate - Skin condition; skin eruptions with scaling or sticky exudations; falling hair; diseased nails; catarrh.
Mag. Phos– No.8: Magnesium Phosphate - Cramp; neuralgia; flatulence; spasmodic nerve pains. A soft tissue constituent.
Nat. Mur – No.9: Sodium Chloride - Maintaining body water distribution; watery colds, flow of tears; loss of smell.
Nat. Phos– No.10: Sodium Phosphate - Over acidity of the blood; gastric disorders; heartburn; rheumatic tendency.
Nat. Sulph– No.11: Sodium Sulphate - Water infiltrations; liverish symptoms; influenza; bilious attacks. Silica– No.12: Silicon Dioxide - Impure blood & for boils, brittle nails & lack-lustre hair.

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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Celebrating Norway's National Day on 17th May 2011 - Syttnende Mai

Recently returned from Tonsberg, Norway, where Randi and I celebrated their National Day, "Syttende Mai" with her family and friends.  In 30 plus years of marriage, this was the first time I experienced the 17th May celebrations and I have to say those Norwegians really know how to party well! Although Oslo is the Norwegian capital, Tonsberg is the oldest town in Norway - actually inScandinavia (recently featured in the film "Thor") - and so National Day celebrations always means a lot there.

All age groups, young and old, participate and the town and people are festooned with flags and regional costumes, adding to the glitz and atmosphere. Celebrations begin early and carry on into the small hours with fireworks and parties rounding off the evening's delight.

A really great time was had by all!

A Little about Norway's National Day
After being part of the Danish autocracy for 400 years, Norway got its own constitution in 1814 and joined into a loose union with Sweden that lasted until 1905.

A limited and hereditary monarchy was introduced, whereby the king would exercise his authority through a government, while Parliament (Storting) would allocate monies and make laws. The Norwegian constitution was the most modern in Europe at the time.

Norway's Constitution, which declared the country to be an independent nation, was signed at Eidsvoll on 17 May 1814, and despite full independence having had to wait until 1905, this date remains Norway's official National Day.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Did you know that 50% of men at 50 years of age already suffer with an enlarged prostate? We tend to think it's something that happens to really old men, but it's surprising how early it can sneak up on you.

The early symptoms of something being not quite right is needing to go to the loo more frequently - and if you are having to get up in the night, perhaps even several times, it is definitely time to get things checked out.

Well, the prostate gland is a little doughnut-shaped gland at the base of the bladder, surrounding the tube which carries urine out of the body (the urethra). The problems start once hormonal changes take place sometime after the age of 30 (yes, you guys get that as well, it's not just the girls!), causing the prostate gland to grow and squashing the urethra as it passes through the prostate. No wonder it's difficult to go to the loo!

The technical reason behind all this is that with age, increasing amounts of testosterone start being metabolised into di-hydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes inflammation. As the DHT accumulate the prostate gland gets bigger, leaving less room for urine to pass through and making it difficult to empty the bladder completely.

Go and see your doctor and if it is established that you have an enlarged prostate gland you can discuss your treatment options that can include medication or perhaps surgery. Another option is to take Saw Palmetto to help with the troublesome urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate.

The herb Saw Palmetto has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. The berry of Saw Palmetto contains hormone balancing constituents which prevent testosterone from changing into DHT. It acts specifically on the prostate gland and does not affect any other organs and it is not associated with impotence. The overall effect is less inflammation and therefore a reduction in the prostate gland, leading to an easier flow of urine and less discomfort. It is also good to know that you can take it alongside most other medication, for as long as you wish but speak to your doctor first if you are already taking medicine for an enlarged prostate.

In a clinical trial carried out using Saw Palmetto, in capsules, noticeable improvements were found after only four weeks. This confirms the excellent feed-back we get from our customers at Elixir Health Foods, so if you (or the man in your life!) are suffering in silence, contact us for more details on 01208 814500.  Or, if you prefer, take a look at our website at http://www.elixirhealth.co.uk/, and find more information there.

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By Randi Henderson
Elixir Health Foods

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Life Stream Wheatgrass Capsules And Powder - A Green Superfood

Ever wondered why cows grow so big and strong and milk is so nutritious, just by munching…grass! If you’re interested in giving your body the maximum health benefits then welcome to the world of wheatgrass. It’s a complete green superfood in itself recognised, of course, by its bright green colour.

Wheatgrass is probably best known for reducing excess acid in the body but it also packs an endless list of essential nutrients. Apart from being 70% Chlorophyll – the “blood of plant life” –it’s packed with every essential nutrient such as amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. So it’s brilliant to supplement your diet with! It’s also said to cleanse the lymph system, build red blood cells, restore balance in the body, remove toxic metals from the cells, nourish the liver and kidneys and restore vitality.

Another interesting observation about wheatgrass is the fact that those with wheat allergies are generally safe to drink it. Wheat allergies are normally a reaction to the gluten found in the wheat. As wheatgrass is a vegetable, cut before the wheat plant forms the grain (berry) it contains no gluten.

Wheatgrass can be taken in tablet and powder form or bought as a pure juice. To buy wheatgrass, pop along to our online sotre at Elixirhealth.co.uk for further details.

Green Superfoods - Spirulina, Chlorella and Barleygrass Powder - For Juicing

JUICING is healthy fun! It’s a way of getting fresh enzymes and nutrients quickly into the body, which builds greater health, energy and vitality. Fruit and vegetable juices contain phytochemicals, known to benefit our health by protecting cells.

These phytochemicals are found in a wide range of fruit and vegetables such as brocolli, peppers, garlic, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, chives and cauliflower. The list goes on… So by juicing we increase our vitality, improve our physique, become better able to ward off disease, put less strain on our digestive systems and provide ourselves with the best life insurance money can buy.

Other than fruit and veg, it’s a brilliant idea to include green superfoods in the mix - such as spirulina, barleygrass and chlorella powder - and by experimenting come up with your own great tasting drinks.

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All these products can be ordered online from our store. Visit us at Elixirhealth.co.uk or telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.