Thursday, 18 July 2013

Allicin Max 100% Pure Allicin Garlic Tablets Review

Review of AllicinMax Garlic Supplement

A lot of people believe that the only effective type of garlic supplement is one that contains the allicin ingredient. If you're one of those, then the brand to use is Allicin Max. AllicinMax helps provide the body directly with real allicin. The manufacturing process the company uses produces allicin and locks the active ingredient into convenient, vegetarian capsules designed for rapid absorption into your body.

SHow does AllicinMax® differ from other garlic-based supplements? No other garlic supplements contain ANY allicin. They rely on your body being able to generate allicin once you have swallowed the tablet or capsule. Garlic oil supplements are produced by distilling fresh garlic, the oil that is produced is then diluted and placed into a capsule. This destroys most, if not all of the available allicin.

 A few garlic powder supplements can generate some allicin but this depends on the prevailing stomach conditions and may take several hours to accomplish conversion to allicin. New AllicinMax® doesn't need to wait to be converted since it actually IS allicin. When AllicinMax® enters your stomach it dissolves for easy absorption into the blood stream and breaks down to form allicin derivatives. The allicin in AllicinMax® likes the acid environment of your stomach, unlike other supplements that can be inactivated by acidic conditions.

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Monday, 8 July 2013


You don’t have to be on holiday to have tummy troubles – but it certainly seems to be an issue! What is going on? Well for starters, our immune system is used to dealing with bacterial or viral challenges on a regular basis, but when we travel we may encounter different or possibly more pathogenic strains than we have at home. A change of food may also upset a sensitive tummy, and as well as traveller’s diarrhoea people may also suffer from bloating or discomfort. Local water supplies are another cause of upsets so always follow the advice in relation to drinking and using water in the area you are travelling to. Tap water may be fine at home, but you ought to switch to bottled water in more exotic parts of the world! Not that you need to go abroad to get a gippy tummy of course, we have plenty of opportunity to suffer at home as well – barbecue, anyone?

The balance of gut flora is intrinsically linked with immunity, so ensuring a positive balance of beneficial gut bacteria will give your immune system a fighting chance of beating off the majority of opportunistic pathogens. At Elixir, we always recommend you take a high potency probiotic supplement before you travel, and we are particularly enthusiastic about Quest’s Mega 8. This product has a wide combination of strains, making it particularly effective in your gut. It is also a very high strength at 30 billion organisms, which is just what you need to stay on top of things. You should continue to take your probiotics while you are travelling, so it is good to know that Mega 8 has been freeze dried and is therefore stable at higher temperatures – no need to refrigerate! The blister packs are also nice and easy to pack, with no chance of broken glass in your luggage. You may not have thought about it, but you will also find your tummy so much [flatter] when taking probiotics since it removes problems with bloating. Always a bonus in the summer!

My holiday check list always includes a probiotic to reduce the chance of falling prey to any lurking bugs, and I also pack vitamin C as its antihistamine action helps reduce the discomfort of prickly heat. A digestive enzyme supplement can also be helpful if the all-inclusive buffet is too hard to resist! Aloe vera gel and lavender oil are great to combat any sunburn or pesky insect bites. It’s good to know that there are no known interactions or side effects from taking this supplement, but as always see your doctor first if you take other medication and you are concerned. 

To buy this product click on the following link: Quest Mega 8 Biotix. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you can telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information. We're always there to help.

By Randi Henderson
Elixir Health Foods

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Alternative to...Joint Aches - Solgar 7 Review - Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

I am very pleased to introduce a new product to you today – well, I say new; it has been available in America for quite a while, but it has only just been launched in the UK to great fanfare.  In fact, it has already won the prestigious “Best New Vitamin, Mineral Supplement Product” category at the Natural & Organic Awards for 2013.
The product in question is Solgar®7, a complex which improves joint comfort within seven days, hence the name.  This is a unique formulation which really is the next generation in joint health.  It is aimed at people who experience aching joints after exercise or strenuous activity, which can strike at any age; and is an excellent alternative to Glucosamine.

Solgar®7 is a once-a-day capsule that forges bioactive nutrients to increase joint flexibility and range of motion.  Where traditional Glucosamine formulas focus on cartilage support, Solgar®7 targets multiple pathways to balance the release of joint enzymes and structurally support collagen building blocks as well as cartilage.

So, what’s in it?  Well, the main star of the show is a Boswellia extract called 5-Loxin® Advanced.  This is a unique Boswellia (or Frankincense) extract which has been enriched with a non-volatile botanical oil, which combines to make a particularly powerful anti-inflammatory.

You then have UC-II, which is a patented undenatured type II collagen with a unique action: it deactivates the inflammatory process at the source, preventing the breakdown of joint cartilage.  UC-II deactivates collagen-specific T-cells allowing the body to reduce inflammation and rebuild and repair articular cartilage.

In order to aid collagen formation there is also Vitamin C in the form of Ester-C, which helps protect cells from oxidative damage.

There are two more anti-inflammatory herbs:  Turmeric, with its active ingredient curcumin, is a potent antioxidant capable of inhibiting inflammatory agents; and Ginger root which inhibit COX-2 and LOX inflammatory pathways.

There is also White Willow bark, the use of which dates back to Hippocrates when it was used to reduce fever and inflammation.  It contains salicin, a chemical similar to aspirin and has a powerful analgesic effect.

The very last ingredient is a pepper complex, which both helps to enhance the absorption of other compounds as well as decrease the sensation of pain.

So there you have it:  an all-in-one anti-inflammatory, pain killer and repairer to get you out and running again before you know it.  

To buy Solgar 7 click here. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor about this product, you can telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.

By Randi Henderson
Elixir Health Foods