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Solgar Fish Oil - Omega 3 - Oil That Body For Better Health!

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A Review, Benefits And Uses - Why We Need Fatty Acids

Many people doing research about good essential fatty acids soon realise that we don’t get enough of them, the 3’s and the 6’s in our diet. They are the “essential” ones which our body can’t manufacture. So we either get them from food or supplements. Of the two fatty acids, getting the balance right is crucial: more of the 3’s than the 6’s and it’s probably true most of us don’t get enough omega-3s for optimal health. In an ideal world we’d eat plenty of the right seeds, plants and nuts, but many don’t; or, if we’re not vegan or vegetarian, we’d also consume the right fish and in sufficient quantity – do you?

For non-vegans and vegetarians taking a fish oil or Omega 3 supplement is important. How many capsules you take - the label usually says between 1 -3 for the average brands – varies the strength of the active ingredients and unless you’re getting good advice from the shopkeeper, it can be confusing knowing what to do. Especially since the more specialist brands produce Fish Oil at “double, or even triple strength.”

And that’s one good reason to buy from a reputable high street shop. We all love a bargain but with health “cheap” can be expensive, or in some cases if the quality and strength is bad, pointless. Good advice or information will save money and stand a better chance of putting you in touch with the correct product, whatever your health needs.

The health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids are well established within the scientific community.

As an overview, here are reasons why Omega Oil is considered important:

• Improve artery health by helping to reduce plaque build-up and blood clots in arteries that lead to the brain.
• Improve cholesterol by lowering triglycerides and elevating HDL (good cholesterol) levels. These benefits come primarily from DHA and EPA.
• Improve joint health by reducing joint tenderness and stiffness associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis.
• Improve bone health by positively impacting the body's calcium levels, reducing the incidence of bone loss.
• Improve mental health by helping to insulate nerve cells in the brain, allowing these nerve cells to better communicate with one another. People who are deficient in omega 3s may suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and ADHD.
• Improve skin health by helping to alleviate symptoms related to skin disorders like acne and psoriasis.
• Improve bowel health by reducing inflammation of the bowels, helping alleviate symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.
• Improve lung health by reducing inflammation in diseases like asthma.
• Improve menstrual health by reducing the pain associated with PMS and menstruation.
• Help prevent cancer. Colon, breast, and prostate cancers have all been correlated with low intakes of omega 3s.

For some of the health conditions above, a higher amount of Omega-3 is likely to be more effective but this also depends on your diet and how efficiently your body absorbs. Good advice helps here. If you are taking any medication it’s also highly important you let the doctor know since fish oils can interfere with some medicines.

Omega oils work best together with ample amounts of vitamins A, B3, B6, C and E and the minerals magnesium and zinc, so a good multivitamin would go well with them. For vegetarians, flaxseed, either taken as a cold-pressed organic liquid or in capsules, is available.

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Monday, 11 August 2014


We are often asked for help with reducing high blood pressure at Elixir, and you can’t help but wonder if it is something more of us suffer with than in the past. High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects 16 million Britons - one in five - and is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. Although it is sometimes due to known causes such as steroid medication or the contraceptive pill, there are also a number of life-style factors which contribute, such as:

• smoking
• obesity
• drinking a lot of alcohol – especially binge drinking
• lack of exercise
• poor diet

If someone else in your family has high blood pressure, you also have a higher risk of developing it. Fortunately, we are able to help with a remarkably simple, yet astonishingly fast and effective solution: beetroot!

The effect has been traced to nitrate in the beetroot which reacts with bacteria in the mouth. This leads to chemical changes which result in blood vessels dilating to increase blood flow. In tests, healthy volunteers recruited for a study at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London were asked to drink either half a litre of beetroot juice or water. Those who had the juice started to show reductions in blood pressure after just one hour, with optimum results after three hours. They also found that only a small amount of juice is needed - just 250ml - to have this effect, and that the higher the blood pressure at the start of the study the greater the decrease caused by the nitrate.

Scientists have also shown how drinking beetroot juice can boost stamina. Some of the benefits even surpass those gained from the strict training routines followed by professional sportsmen, and the researchers admit to being stunned by the results.

Since the earthy tang of the juice might not be to everyone's taste, you will be glad to know that Solgar has come up with a solution with their Beetroot Extract neatly wrapped up in capsules, which provides the same benefits. And just like the juice, we have seen remarkably fast results including people who have been turned down for surgery due to their high blood pressure, yet within 24 hours reducing it so much that surgery could be carried out.

There are no side effects from Beetroot Extract (although some people may experience a discoloration of their urine in the first couple of days), and it could have a big impact on everyone from athletes training for big events to pensioners who lack the energy to walk to the shops!

To buy this product click on the following link: You can also view this product at our Solgar Health Store website. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you an telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information. We're always there to help.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Wow, it’s August already and as usual, the hot endless summer weather has given way to rain the moment schools break up.  Still, the garden needed a bit of water, didn't it!
The garden isn't the only thing in need of lubrication as time goes on however.  Collagen production in our bodies diminishes with age, and the result?  Creaky knees and wrinkly skin.  It’s easy to see the difference when you look at a juicy, newborn baby with all their collagen intact – even the soles of their feet are plump, for heavens’ sake.
Skin Health
The collagen that is present in skin is responsible for the cohesion and resistance to damage, effectively cushioning the skin and making it both firmer and more elastic.  Collagen fibres provide the bulk of the tissues found in the skin (70%) and accounts for 90% of the volume. Collagen production by the human body decreases from the age of 25 at a rate of approximately 1.5% per year and it is this slowing down of production coupled with the natural degradation that explains the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and thinning of the skin. 
Talking of skin, have you ever wondered why you get wrinkles on your face but hardly anywhere else on your body?  Most people know that over-exposure to UV light is one of the reasons why skin ages prematurely, but few realise that’s because UV is thought to deplete skin collagen.  It’s no wonder then, that your face and hands are often the first parts of your body to succumb to the signs of ageing.
Joint Health
Collagen found in our joint tissues (type II) is the primary structural protein of cartilage which ultimately provides flexibility and support to the joints. Ageing and wear and tear of the joints combine to effectively reduce the amount of collagen present in the joints and therefore replacing the lost raw ingredients for healthy joint construction is vital to the long term maintenance of healthy joint tissue.
Unfortunately, as we are no longer partial to eating the parts of animals and fish which contain collagen (ie the bones, tendons and skin – nice!), it is not likely that we can get enough in our diet to make much difference.  The best way to make sure you get enough collagen is therefore through taking a supplement.

Natures Aid’s Collagen comes in capsules, containing marine type II collagen together with the skin supporting nutrients vitamin C, zinc, copper, riboflavin, niacin and biotin.  This is the type of collagen mostly found in tendons, ligaments and skin, and is also abundant in corneas cartilage, bones and intervertebral discs.
There are no known contraindications or interactions with other drugs, but as it is a marine sourced product it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

To BUY Natures Aid Collagen please click here: Natures Aid Collagen; If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you can telephone us on 01208 814500.

By Randi Henderson, 
Elixir Health Foods


Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Sleep problems can strike us in any season, at any time. And no matter how many sheep you count you still lie there, wide awake.

Insomnia is very common and characterised by difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep during the night, and is often accompanied by symptoms such as irritability or fatigue when awake.  The prevalence of insomnia is high, with something like 10-20% of people suffering from various symptoms.

At Elixir Health Foods, we are delighted to be able to offer you a solution from the very British company Viridian Nutrition, a leading brand of ethical vitamins and supplements.  The Cherry Night powder from Viridian is a combination of cherries, glycine, magnesium and red date.  This sleep-inducing formula is 100% active ingredients with no nasty additives, and since you use it as a liquid solution it is remarkably fast acting.

So how does it work?
Well, cherries are a rich source of phytonutrients that have important benefits for the brain and nervous system.  They are also known to be a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that plays an important role in regulating sleep patterns.  A number of clinical studies have suggested that cherries can improve sleep; including time in bed, total sleep and sleep efficiency when compared to a placebo.

Glycine is an amino acid which functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system via the glycine receptor.  In clinical studies, glycine has been shown to improve objective measures of sleep quality with evidence of a more stable sleep state, and helping you fall asleep faster and deeper.  Glycine also improved sleep satisfaction, reduced daytime sleepiness and improved cognitive function.

Magnesium deficiency is very common, and can lead to tense muscles and cramps, which certainly does not help anyone sleep well!  Magnesium deficiency can also lead to increased nervous excitability and poor sleep quality.

Red date has a long history of use for its relaxing effect to help calm the nerves and mind, and is still the most popular traditional Chinese medicine for insomnia today.  An analysis found products containing red date significantly more effective than conventional medication (benzodiazepines) for treating insomnia.

There are no known side effects with Cherry Night, but please do not use alongside other sleep-related medication from your doctor, and let your doctor know if you are on any other medication.  This product is not suitable if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

To BUY Viridian Cherry Night please click here: Viridian Cherry Night; If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you can telephone us on 01208 814500.

By Randi Henderson, 
Elixir Health Foods