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Ask any woman if she is happy with the condition of her hair, skin and nails and you are likely to get a mixed response. Few can say with hand on heart that they are totally happy – there’s usually a niggle about splitting nails, lacklustre hair or dry, tired-looking skin. These can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as diet, stress, after pregnancy or environmental factors. Some of the damage we inflict upon ourselves by excessive use of hair straighteners and chemical treatments can wreck havoc with a usually thick mane of hair.

Well, what can I do about it?At Elixir, we are very aware that true beauty begins from within, and from the positive feedback we get from our customers, we are very happy to recommend a unique product created by Solgar called Skin, Nails and Hair Formula. Designed to complement a healthy and varied diet, this unique complex supports collagen, elastin and keratin, which are the precious building blocks of skin, nails and hair. It is a triple award-winning formula, including Best of Beauty Awards Winner of 2009, and is recommended worldwide by health experts and beauty journalists for its natural support.

So how does that work then?
Solgar’s award-winning formula includes the following ingredients:

MSM Often referred to as the ‘beauty mineral’, this rich source of sulphur supports the hair’s growth cycle. It is also thought to help with the general condition, stimulation and lustre of hair and nails.

Vitamin C An important antioxidant for skin, nails and hair and is known as one of the best defenders against free radical damage. It helps support the manufacture and maintenance of collagen, promoting skin elasticity and skin repair.

Silica A trace mineral which is often deficient in our diet and is thought to support the integrity of skin and hair and may be beneficial to cracked and brittle nails. Silica is needed to improve the strength and function of the connective tissue, collagen and elastin.

Copper Supports key enzymes that help to manufacture the pigment melanin. This helps protect skin against the sun’s harmful rays and is important for the formation of strong and flexible collagen fibres.
Proline & Lysine Amino acids found in protein that help form the layers of keratin and supports the function of collagen and elastin. As our skin ages it starts to lose some of its ability to maintain its strength and elasticity and this can partly be due to a reduction in keratin.

Zinc A powerful antioxidant mineral with numerous benefits for skin, nails and hair health. White spots on the nails may indicate a zinc deficiency.

Well, as you can see from this impressive list, nothing has been left to chance in this formula. Every deficiency has been taken into account. For a limited time only this fabulous product is available with a free trial pot of multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically formulated for women, so now is an excellent time to try it out for yourself!

To buy Solgar's Hair Skin and Nails Formula click here, or on any of the links above. You can also purchase this product from our specialist Solgar Health Store, please click here. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor about this product, you can telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.

By Randi Henderson

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