Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Keeping Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails - Solgar's Skin, Hair and Nails Formula and Quest's B Complex Vitamins

Many factors determine the condition of hair, skin and nails. As well as heredity, there are causes such as poor circulation, acute illness, surgery, radiation exposure, skin disease, sudden weight loss, high fever, iron deficiency, diabetes, thyroid disease, drugs such as those used in chemotherapy, stress, poor diet, the change of life and vitamin deficiencies.

In general the health of your hair can vary throughtout your life as a result of many factors, such as above, but the circulation to the root of the hair and the amount of nutrients present in the blood play a big part too. Women often experience temporary hair loss after childbirth and the menopause but a lack of protein in the diet can also affect your mane. Hair loss among younger age groups is becoming all to common and at Elixir some of the main causes we see is increased stress. It may be in treating hair loss, for some categories of people, we consider products such as a good B Complex Vitamin to help calm the nervous system and promote healthier hair growth. The B's are also clever at promoting growth and helping to extract nutrients from food.

If you are concerned with a prolonged hair loss, do speak to your health care practitioner. However, in many cases natural products can be used internally and naturally to improve the health of hair, skin and nails. Below are a few of the products you may consider using. If in any doubt we're only a phone call away. Call one of our experienced staff and we'll do everything to try and assist you with the right choice of product.

As a final comment it may also be prudent to look at your shampoo. Many of our customers are discovering that conventional (and not just 'cheap' brands - many so-called 'expensive' ones as well) are riddled with unhealthy chemicals which dry and irritate the skin and overtime can cause dematological problems, such as eczema. They say up to 80% of what goes into the scalp penetrates the blood stream.

If you wanted just two products that may help with Skin, Nails and Hair and help combat stress in general, I can recommend two products by Solgar and Quest Vitamins. There are many other products by other good manufacturers for Skin, Hair and Nails of course and a good look through our website may help in this area but on the whole with the fast lifestyles people lead today, simplying our choice is often practical.

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- Solgar's Skin, Hair and Nails Formula
- Solgar's or Quest's B Complex Vitamins

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