Thursday, 20 June 2013

Weleda Homeopathic Remedies and Uses

AconiteFirst symptoms of influenza and colds; great fear
Actaea rac.Painful muscles and/or shooting pains, headaches; nerve pain; lowness of spirit
Allium cepaSymptoms of common cold and hayfever, much sneezing, watering eyes, red nose ; hacking cough in cold air
Apis mel.Insect stings; hives, allergic burning, swelling and stinging pains
Argent nit.Anticipatory fear with associated diarrhoea and flatulence and craving for sweet food
ArnicaAfter injury; mental and physical bruising; before operations, visits to dentist, etc; bruises and sprains; rheumatism
Arsen alb.Restlessness; vomiting; diarrhoea; stomach upsets, distressing burning symptoms
BelladonnaHot, flushed face; shiny eyes; sore throat; neuralgia; throbbing earache; throbbing boils; throbbing headache
Bellis perennisLumbago; bruises, deep muscular ache
BryoniaChesty coughs; arthritic pain, headache all worse for movement
Calc. carb.Heavy periods; cold extremities; cramp; apprehension
Calc. fluor.Piles which bleed and itch; toothache; fissures
Calc. phos.Arthritic pain and stiffness especially in changes of weather
CantharisBurns and scalds; burning pain in bladder both before and after passing water; sunburn
Carbo veg.Indigestion with excessive flatulence and wind; slow digestion of food, varicose veins
CausticumRaw, burning, sore throat with chesty cough; hoarseness; rheumatism; tightness of tendons; urinary incontinence on coughing
ChamomillaTeething; irritability and restlessness; colic; diarrhoea associated with teething; intolerance to pain
CinaWorms; itchiness of nose and anus
CocculusTravel sickness; nausea with hollow sensation in stomach
CoffeaSleeplessness due to mental activity; tension; agitation
ColocynthisColic; stomach pains, flatulence, cramp; stitching pain better for pressure
Cuprum met.Cramp in extremities; poor circulation
DroseraDry cough; deep irritating cough with retching
EuphrasiaConjunctivitis; inflamed burning eyes; hay fever; catarrh
Ferr. phos.Colds; a tonic for general debility resulting from fever
GelsemiumColds; influenza like symptoms with heavy eyes; sore throat; heaviness; slow nervous anxiety
GraphitesSkin eruptions and unhealthy skin; eczema; dryness in bends of limbs and behind ears
HamamelisVaricose veins; bruised sore piles
Hepar sulph.Sensitive skin eruptions and glandular swelling
HypericumPainful cuts and wounds; blows to fingers or toes; horsefly bites, nerve pain
IgnatiaWeepiness; bereavement; hysteria, emotional and insomnia after a loss
Ipecac.Constant nausea and sickness; loose cough with retching
Kali bich.Sinus troubles; catarrh with stringy discharge and pressure at bridge of nose; nausea and vomiting; after alcohol
Kali phos.Nervous exhaustion; nervous indigestion; bad breath
LachesisHot flushes and abdominal distension in menopause; menstrual pain and great irritability relieved by flow
LedumPuncture wounds and insect bites; ascending muscle pains
LycopodiumExcessive flatulence and; hunger; anxiety with change
Merc. sol.Bad breath; body odour; sore throat; mouth ulcers
Mixed Pollen 30Hay fever where triggered by pollen
Nat mur.Sinus troubles; sneezy cold; runny nose; cold sores; migraine; menstrual or sunlight induced headache
Nux vom.Easily irritated digestion, nausea, flatulence, distension especially after too much food and drink, irritability; itchy stuffy nose; hay fever, itchy throat
PhosphorusDry, tight cough and hoarseness; night sweats, floaters, many fears
PhytolaccaRough sore throat with shooting pains; glandular swelling; cracked nipples
PulsatillaWeepiness, particularly in children and pre-menstrual women, changeable mood; menopause; yellow thick catarrh; styes
Rhus tox.Rheumatism and muscular stiffness relieved my limbering up or heat; sprains of joints or tendons; moist skin eruptions
Ruta grav.Sprained tendons, deep bruising; eye strain
SepiaMenopausal symptoms, lowness of spirit; hot flushes; pre-menstrual irritability; loss of energy and libido
SiliceaSkin eruptions, Boils; sinus pains and headaches
SulphurItching, red skin; dry skin problems, eczema; inflamed, red orifices; burning sensations – e.g. feet hot in bed
SymphytumBone injuries and pain; rheumatic and arthritic conditions resulting from broken bones
ThujaWarts; thick green mucus
Urtica urensUrticaria; stinging burns; itchy blotches on skin, prickly heat and nettle rash

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