Thursday, 13 January 2011


As we leave another Christmas behind us and move into the new year, spare a thought for your poor liver. Next to your skin, your liver is the largest organ in your body, and it’s also one of the hardest working. Everything that you eat, drink, breathe and take in through your skin all get filtered through your liver. It is also where you body stores vitamins, releasing them during the day as you need them. In all, your liver performs hundreds of tasks throughout a day.

It is no wonder then that good liver function is central to good health. Sluggishness can be caused by alcohol or drugs (both recreational and prescription), or by simply giving your liver too much to process over a period of time. Low energy and a constant battle with weight or high cholesterol levels could indicate that your liver is working below par.

At Elixir, we have found a product by Higher Nature called Smark UK Liver Support to be extremely efficient at giving your liver a helping hand. It contains important amino acids which remove toxins which filter through the liver, in a gentle yet thorough way. Other nutrients help with fat metabolism, and provide support for the liver.

Once your liver is working better, you may be surprised how much healthier you feel generally. By simply improving the function of this organ in your body, you could find an improvement in:

- Skin conditions, ranging from spots to eczema or psoriasis
- Weight problems
- High cholesterol levels
- Low energy levels
- Poor vision
- Short term memory
- Hormone related problems, such as PMT
- Allergies

Giving your liver a boost may be the single best thing you can do towards improving your overall health. You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy liver, and if you look after your liver you’ll suffer less disease in your life.

Click on the Elixir Health Foods link below, or on the product link itself - if you are interested in this supplement.

By Randi Henderson
Elixir Health Foods

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