Friday, 24 July 2009

Solgar's Hair Skin and Nails Formula for The Body Beautiful

If you have problems with hair, skin and nails the solutions are often nutritional and part of lifestyle. However, as is often the case, the right supplements can also make a difference. Fortunately the right nutritional solution for one part of the body - such as nails - can often play a role in the health and recovery of other bits of the body as well because the active vitamins and minerals are generally needed by them all. A deficiency in sulphur, for instance, may mean a loss of the mineral in the hair, the skin and the nails....and the same can be said of zinc, and so on.

In her usual clear style, Randi's article in July 2009 addresses the ever increasing bug bear of advancing years and how it affects the body beautiful! I do disagree with one point she makes, though. Sorry's not just women bothered about appearances - we fellas care as well and I'm sure Solgar's Award Winning Skin, Skin, Nails and Hair Formula will benefit us all!

On a different note, sales of Celadrin following Randi's article in June 2009 were phenomenal! It's always great to bring a not so well known product to a wider audience so its virtues can be appreciated. Many customers who are regular users of Celadrin will testify to the speed with which it works, it improvement of joint flexibility and its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

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