Friday, 27 November 2009

Keeping Wadebridge Unique...

Anyone who has lived and loved their home town will know what it is to see big commercial giants arrive and rip the heart of the community out from its ancient past. Then you end up with urbanisations not unlike any other places to be found up and and down the motorway corridors of the country.

Travelling throughout Europe and other parts of the world, the same story is being repeated, and repeated. Returning from China, in October 2009, exactly the same complaints are being voiced by those in fortunate positions to have enjoyed a glorious rural past. Just read the other day that a whole rural area by a Chinese village is likely to be cleared to make way for China's first Disneyland! And that entails removing ancient graveyards where the local people believe their ancestors are 'sleeping'. None of them want a Disneyland anyway, whether their traditions are felt to be whacky or not. Only two villagers have been bought out...the rest are staying put. I'm in no doubt Disneyland will prevail - are you? When Big Bucks speaks, politicians normally stand aside.

I'm not idealistic; change is inevitable. What we don't have to endure is change for its own sake or in a commercial way that adds little value to the lives or traditions of the people of a town or village but simply benefits shareholders. The little Cornish town of Wadebridge is a unique and that's why vistors who come here fall in love with it and want to live here, or in Cornwall. If you live elsewhere in the world but these thoughts vibrate with your own feelings, or you have seen the same happen to the place where you live and sympathise with our lot here, please join our Facebook Group and lend your weight - not just to keep more supermarkets from descending on us...but just to keep Wadebridge unique!

The first picture features the approach to the town over the old bridge, allegedly built on sacks of wool (or the profits of the wool trade...we can't be sure!).

The second picture is a shot of Polzeath beach on the North Cornish Coast - a surfer's paradise.

If you want to read about the fascinating history of Wadebridge, click on the link:

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