Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Seasons Greetings 2009...

Hi all, well, for those of you who celebrate Christmas - may I naively wish that all your dreams be fulfilled (although be careful what you wish may come true), and prosperity and health in 2010...

Whatever the original meaning of Christmas, lost or alive and kicking, for me the real opportunity is for a fraternity of friends and family to get together. In this uncertain and fragmented world, I think that the gift of friendship is one of the few, free precious gestures we can make towards each other - to value those we love and enjoy the company of. But isn't getting together, assembling for any length of time increasingly harder to achieve? Interestingly, parts of my family are tucked away in Canada, the United States, South America, China and Europe. But we all began as one tribe in one country of the world. And I'm sure my example is not uncommon.

The winds that blow us hither and thither dilute the family unit, so much so, that you ever wonder if we'll ever, as a race, know what it is to grow up and remain in vaguely the same area as our forefathers, brothers and sisters. Many of us, I know, would not wish that but for others that sense of continuity adds meaning to our lives, our young and elderly.

So, to me, once you look past the religious overtones and the commercial overkill, what does Christmas mean? Well, it's treasuring the ever decreasing opportunities to be with others, share a meal, break open a bottle or two, play games and put the world to right. If you are alone this Christmas, away from loved ones - for whatever reasons - my thoughts go out to you.

Take care, and happy Christmas and New Year everyone!

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