Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Probiotics, Acidophilus Products and Digestive Aids

Don't quote me, but I think I once read that if the ratio between the good and bad bacteria in your gut is 50%, then you're effectively dead!

Did you know that after the cold, digestive upsets cause more time off work than any other complaint Irritable Bowel (IBS) is no laughing matter. Illness, stress, a poor diet, heavy drinking, antibiotics - good bacteria, probiotics, can help ease symptoms. As well as eating more fibre (fruit, veg and bran), getting exercise, drinking adequate water, looking at food allergens, such as wheat and diary, you an make a difference by taking a good probiotic. In addition to the right food and supplementation, probiotics may help deal with holiday tummys, wind, bloating, constipation and thursh and help cope better with stress. It's a subject well worth reading up on.

At Elixir, we sell a range of products that may help with digestive health as well as a variety of acidophilus or probiotic products.

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