Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bad Breath 'halitosis' - Solgar Acidophilus Digestive Aid - Bio-Health Psyllium Husks - and Lepicol

Bad Breath or 'halitosis', which in Greek means 'condition of breath' carries quite a bit of social stigma and is certainly up there with the top ten most difficult subjects to tell a friend about. No matter how charming and diplomatic you are it's still a delicate subject. If it was as simple to lay the cause at one door, it wouldn’t be so difficult to help customers who come in asking for help. And sadly, bad breath is not one of those symptoms we can pick up on ourselves.

From poor dental hygiene to dietary and medical issues, it can be slow to track down the causes of bad breath and eradicate it. If you rule out more serious reasons, it can often be a question of drinking more water and getting a little more exercise, something most of us don't do enough of. In order of importance they say tongue cleanliness, gum disease, nose and sinus infections, and down the oesophagus to the tummy is how bad breath pans out.

Personally, judging by customers' needs, I'm finding differing degrees of constipation is on a massive increase, and you can write a book on that one along with irritable bowel. The rather uncharming expression 'death begins in the colon' is definitely in part due to modern western eating habits. Certainly what goes on down there can have a direct impact on the mouth.

I appreciate a lot can be said on this subject but If your breath isn't persistently bad a round of good quality probiotic such as Solgar's Acidophilus  may increase healthy bacteria in the bowel and improve digestion. Bio-Health's Psyllium Husks  are also a good idea to improve bowel movements. Take them on an empty stomach half to an hour before food. (As is Lepicol, the capsules or granules are great for normalising the bowels.) In any event, none of the above will work unless you drink plenty of water - in fact it could even make it worse.

Usually, if you rule out some of the more serious reasons, I find that good bacteria are a quick inexpensive way to make bad breath less likely.

Otherwise, a couple of other options is to try a homeopathic remedy called Kali Phos , and while bad breath is rarely fixed by a breath freshner , they can take the pressure off in certain social situations. In which case, a good product is our fresh breath freshner , which is sugar and alcohol free.

If you want to try any or a combination of the above products just click on the coloured hyperlinks of the products' names and that will take you through to read up on the products.

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