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Greeen Superfoods - Alfalfa, Barleygrass, Blue Green Algae, Chlorella, Sea Greens and Spirulina


Why green superfoods? In an ideal world everyone would get all the nutrition they need from the food they eat. Over the last hundred years, and particularly during the past 50 years, the nutritional value of our food has been dropping. Over-farming removes minerals from the soil faster than they can be replaced, leaving the soil mineral deficient. The foods we eat are often contaminated by pesticides, herbicides, hormones and fertiliser residues. A less active, more 'fast food' lifestyle has also reduced the amount of energy we require, reducing our overall nutritional food intake and so reducing the potential of absorbing the nutrients our bodies need to effectively function and repair.

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly on the lookout for sources of concentrated nutrition - or so-called green superfoods - that can supply the nutrients missing in commonly available food products, and in our diets.

The result is a rapidly growing interest in green foods, such as alfalfa chorella, spirulina, barley grass, and wheat grass. These concentrated green foods help counteract deficiencies of critical nutrients in our diets. These green foods also work as a buffer against the excesses of environmental toxins that pose an ever mounting danger to our health. And considering how affluent many nations are we seem to be increasing in the symptoms of so many diseases. Unfortunately, our diets have become increasingly sparse in micronutrients: vitamins, trace-minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, and other substances generally referred to as phytochemicals. Many health experts see a direct link between reduced intake of micronutrients and the rise of chronic illness.

As well as having high protein content then green superfoods are highly concentrated sources of micronutrients and therein lies their fascination with us. Superfoods contain the power of the Sun's and Earth's energy, releasing it abundantly and are therefore easy to digest and absorb. As well as being low in fat and calories Green superfoods are a useful addition to our diet and beneficial to our health.


Barley Grass is made from the powdered leaves of young Barley Grass plants (Hordeum vulgare). It contains naturally occuring minerals, enzymes, vitamins and chlorophyll in a perfect 'nature-made' blend and is extremely alkalising for the body. Barley Grass is neutralising, balancing and nourishing for the body, making this your perfect choice for natural nutrition to help balance your system.

Blue-Green Algae provide 90% of the oxygen for our planet and every other life-form has evolved from the humble blue-green algae. They provide the staple diet of countless plants and animals. it is a valuable wholefood source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and anti-oxidants, the richest known natural source of beta carotene and one of the richest known sources of the green anti-oxidant pigment chlorophyll. It is also a rich source of Vitamin B12 Blue-Green Algae is a nutrient-rich green food that grows naturally in remote areas of mineral-rich Klamath Lake in the upper Oregon Cascades. As with most green foods, it is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, amino acids, and protein (60% average). It is processed using low heat dehydration and is carefully screened to ensure the absence of unwanted microbes or toxins before it is freeze-dried.

Chlorella is a microscopic plant containing over 20 vitamins and minerals and is abundant in RNA & DNA nucleic acids. Chlorella gets its name from the high amount of chlorophyll it possesses. Chlorella contains the richest natural source of chlorophyll available. As such, it has powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties and makes an excellent tonic. It does not contain as much protein or beta-carotene as spirulina but has higher chlorophyll and twice the levels of nucleic acid. Because of these high levels of nucleic acid, chlorella can help to speed up the renewal and healing of damaged tissue internally and in external use. It can also strengthen immunity and protect the body against viruses and other microorganisms.

Seagreens 100% vegetable Food Capsules contain a unique mixture of three varieties of Arctic wild wrack seaweeds (Pelvetia, Fucus and Ascophyllum). They have an optimum nutritional profile without the excessive iodine often associated with seaweeds such as common kelp, which is an obstacle to kelp's effectiveness as a comprehensive nutritional product. Seagreens should not be confused with fresh water algæ (like Spirulina, blue green algæ and Chlorella) which are not ocean vegetables, though Spirulina may grow in partly saline water. These algae have widely differing nutritional profiles to Seagreens and are similar in many cases to land vegetables.

Spirulina A highly nutritious, microscopic freshwater plant. Widely used as a food supplement for maintaining health, energy, weight loss and cleansing properties. The superfood with over 100 nutrients, more than any other plant, grain or herb. Often regarded as Nature's green superfood because it has all the nutrients known to man. Although its chlorophyll content is substantially lower than chlorella, spirulina is still one of the best sources of chlorophyll. It is also 65 to 71% complete protein and remarkably rich in essential nutrients. Research suggests that the protein in spirulina is more digestible than other sources, e.g., beef protein, is only 20% digestible whereas spirulina protein is as much as 95% digestible.

Green foods such as Wheat Grass are among the richest natural food sources of minerals, enzymes, B group vitamins, antioxidants and chlorophyll. Wheat grass is the sprouted grass of a wheat seed. Unlike the whole grain, because it has been sprouted, it no longer contains gluten or other common allergic agents.

Elixir's Green Superfoods range includes: (click on the blue hyperlinks to learn more.)

- Alfalfa
- Barley Grass
- Blue Green Algae
- Chlorella
- Sea Greens
- Spirulina
- Wheatgrass

Our suppliers of green superfoods include such names as:

  • Blue Green Planet
  • Life Stream Organic
  • Microrganics
  • Sea Greens
  • Solgar
  • Synergy
In addition, they rely on using only the purest ingredients. Green Superfoods can be taken in a variety of ways. From tablets, capsules or powders, they can be used in smoothies, cereals or drink.

All these products can be ordered online from our store. Either click on the links above or visit us at or telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.

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