Saturday, 27 November 2010

Elixir Health Food's visit to Les & Diane's Quail Farm

What wonderful hosts Les and Diane are! On Sunday 21st November 2010, the Elixir staff (minus poor Rachel who couldn't make it) ventured out to visit their Quail Farm, in the attractive village of  St Teath. And what a wonderful time we had. Diane took care of our refreshments while Les took our party in small groups to see the quails.  Think Old MacDonald's Farm, minus all the animals but quails (and some handsome chucks).

Didn't realise quails were such sensitive souls! Our instructions were to avoid wearing red; and to proceed with caution,  in groups of four,  as any other approach might disturb their little equanimities. Some of us got to handle the cosy little birds but goodness, small they might be -  but those little toe nails can scratch!

All in all, we had an unbeatable time and can't thank Les and Diane enough for their hospitality.  We can rest assured that the quail eggs we sell at Elixir Health Foods come from a farm where the birds are professionally and environmentally cared for.

Finally, our Sunday excursion was rounded off with a very pleasing Sunday lunch at the Blissland Inn, in Blissland, one of the few outstanding Cornish villages still retaining its village green.

Thanks to Les and Diane, all the staff, and Jordan and Frazer for making it a really good time!

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