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The Wonderful Dr Bach Flower Remedies And Their Uses.. Healing Flower Essences

What are the Bach Flower Remedies?

Dr Bach discovered 38 remedies, each for a specific emotional and mental state. They take effect by treating the individual, not the disease or the symptoms of the disease. They work specifically on the emotional condition of the person concerned.

The effects of taking the remedies is not to suppress negative attitudes but to transform them into positive ones, stimulating one's own potential for self-healing and freeing the physical system to engage fully in fighting disease and stress.

The Bach Flower Remedies have no adverse effects. However, like other forms of natural medicine, they may allow suppressed symptoms to surface. These could include such things as rashes while the body is being cleared of toxins, or an awareness of emotions which have been denied expression. These are an important part of the healing process and are only temporary.

The Bach Flower Remedies can be taken alongside medication, including homoeopathic remedies, without any interference at all.

Here are the 38 Flower Remedies and a summary of their uses:

Agrimony : Hiding Problems
Aspen : Fears of unknown origin
Beech : Intolerance, Critical
Centaury : Weak Willed
Cerato : Mistrusting own judgement
Cherry Plum : Fear of losing control
Chestnut Bud : Repeating same mistakes
Chicory : Over protective
Clematis : Lack of interest
Crab Apple : Poor self-image
Elm : Feeling overwhelmed
Gentian : Despondency, doubt
Gorse : Despair, hopelessness
Heather : Talkative, self concern
Holly : Jealous, hatred
Honeysuckle : Locked in past
Hornbeam : Monday blues
Impatiens : Impatience
Larch : Lack of confidence
Mimulus : Fear of known things
Mustard : Gloom with no origin
Oak : Exhaustion but struggles on
Olive : Lack of energy
Pine : Guilt, self-reproach
Red Chestnut : Over concern for others
Rock Rose : Terror
Rock Water : Denial, inflexible
Scleranthus : Indecision, uncertainty
Star of Bethlehem : After effects of shock
Sweet Chestnut : Mental anguish
Vervain : Over-enthusiasm
Vine : Assertive, over-dominant
Walnut : Protection from change
Water Violet : Proud, aloof
White Chestnut : Unwanted thoughts
Wild Oat : Uncertainty in life
Wild Rose : Resignation, apathy
Willow : Self-pity, resentment

In addition to the individual Bach Flower Remedies, there is the Bach Recovery Remedy, which is very useful for any crisis, shock, panic attack situations and a Bach Recovery Cream which helps to soothe and restore balance after accidents and grazes. Recovery Remedy is now also available in a convenient spay and has become a best seller in its own right for ease of use.

Recovery Remedy 10ml : Crises, shock
Recovery Remedy 20ml : Crises, shock
Complete set of Bach Flower Remedies : Crises, anxiety, panic attacks
Recovery Cream : Sooth, restore
Recovery Spray : Crises, anxiety, panic attacks

We sell Ainsworth's brand of the flower remedies as they follow Dr Bach's original recipe closely. We send our products worldwide.  In Europe, particularly Germany, Denmark, Norway and Scandanavia, great savings can be had as  these flower remedies can cost a great deal more.

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