Sunday, 6 March 2011

Elixir Health Foods Set To Verse

A very kind customer thought about our store and wrote this lovely poem. Thanks Ricky - it pretty much sounds up much of what we're about!


Elixir is the food of gods and,
Medicinal or Magical potions,
Said to turn metals into gold
We also have some lotions.

We can’t promise to make you rich,
Or even change your wealth
Our Elixir is from the foods of gods,
That’s just good for your health.

The Elixir of Life, was a potion,
That promised life forever,
Ours just helps you to feel well,
Oh come on! we’re not that clever.

Whatever ailment you have now,
We could come to your aid,
And you’ll find, you’ll be surprised,
With the little that you’ve paid.

If you’re confused by the pills and potions,
And all the things we do,
Then please just ask our expert staff,
We’re here to guide you through.

Ricky Falzon

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