Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Era Tissue And Combination Salts

To all purchasers who formerly used New Era Tissue Salts: 


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While the UK manufacturer Seven Seas has DISCONTINUED the whole range of New Era homeopathic tissue salts, we are very pleased at elixirhealth.co.uk to offer instead the Schuessler Tissue Salts, an equivalent brand from Germany. The Schuessler Tissue Salts are the original type of homeopathic tissue salts Seven Seas manufactured in the UK under the name of New Era.

Sch-Salt1Since the Schuessler Tissue Salts are unlicensed in the UK market, the manufacturer cannot make any claims about the medicinal purposes of the products on the bottles and neither can we say so on our commercial website. The bottles of the Schuessler Tissue Salts bottles are labelled with the same names of all the 12 salts, and we have used the same numbering classification as before to help identify the New Era salt you previously used. Ironically, there are lots of information websites and blogs on the internet which explain the uses of the salts.

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Calc Flour - No.1 : Calcium Flouride for tissue elasticity; impaired circulation; varicose veins; piles.
Calc. Phos - No.2: Calcium Phosphate -Debility; repaired digestion; teething trouble; chilblains.
Calc. Sulph – No.3: Calcium Sulphate - Acne, adolescent pimples; skin slow to heal; sore lips. A blood constituent.
Ferr. Phos – No.4: Iron Phosphate - Blood stream oxygenation; chills; fevers; inflammation; congestion coughs; colds.
Kali. Mur– No.5: Potassium Chloride - Minor respiratory ailments; coughs; colds; children’s feverish ailments.
Kali. Phos– No.6: Potassium Phosphate - Nerve soothing, exhaustion, indigestion, headache; stress due to worry or exhaustion.
Kali. Sulph– No.7: Potassium Sulphate - Skin condition; skin eruptions with scaling or sticky exudations; falling hair; diseased nails; catarrh.
Mag. Phos– No.8: Magnesium Phosphate - Cramp; neuralgia; flatulence; spasmodic nerve pains. A soft tissue constituent.
Nat. Mur – No.9: Sodium Chloride - Maintaining body water distribution; watery colds, flow of tears; loss of smell.
Nat. Phos– No.10: Sodium Phosphate - Over acidity of the blood; gastric disorders; heartburn; rheumatic tendency.
Nat. Sulph– No.11: Sodium Sulphate - Water infiltrations; liverish symptoms; influenza; bilious attacks. Silica– No.12: Silicon Dioxide - Impure blood & for boils, brittle nails & lack-lustre hair.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful to hear this. I and my family have been using them for 30 years. If only people could see the benefits that this system of medecine can bring to young and old it would save the NHS millions of pounds and we would all be much healthier.

Please. Bring them back.

Unknown said...

Hi, please return to our website for an exciting update on the availability of tissue salts!