Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus - the easy way to look good.

We all want one! "How to get a flat tummy in two weeks!" "The Flat Tummy Formula." "Get a six pack!" "Washboard Tummy Secrets."  No, no! Most of us don't want that pain to gain a flat tummy and tight abs as desirable as that may be, or not.  A trawl of the internet promises all sorts of quick fixes when all we really want is to be ourselves...and okay, maybe - a "flat-er" tummy. At least, to know the pleasure of pulling up our jeans without a bloated feeling and appearance.

Well, now you can make the most of what you've got, just by getting rid of that windy, bloated look. They say stress, smoking, alcohol and bad food habits upset the workings of the stomach. Such upsets bring about a  loss of bifidobacteria - beneficial bacterias. And loss of bifidobacteria creates difficult intestinal movments which result in an uncomfortable and unattractive "bloated" stomach.

E'Lifexir Flat Tummy Plus contains fructo - oligosaccharides - carbohydrates of vegetable origin found in bananas, garlic, artichokes, onions, asparagus, corn and oat. These fructo - oligosaccharides help to encourage the growth of the bifidobacteria that live in our intestine that, well, gets us going and flushing out old stuff, which in turn gives us the flatter tum. Simples!

I have to say, keeping off the wheat, dairy, alcohol and refined bits and pieces, such as biscuits, crisps and cakes - also helps.  Even dropping half your amount of bread intake will make a difference. Try Spelt bread. Spelt is a cousin of wheat and, as a more ancient grain, is more digestible than wheat.

Taking two pills of E'Lifexir a day regularly will provide the necessary amount of fructo - oligosaccharides to achieve a balance of intestinal movements and help to reduce a bloated tummy. It's worth a try...we may never get that mythical chiselled look but hey, I'm comfortable with that, aren't you?

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