Monday, 5 March 2012


STRESS is everywhere these days it seems. It can come from mental, emotional or physical strain and can be caused by anxiety or overwork. We can all feel different degrees of stress at times, but as I keep telling anyone who cares to listen to me, it’s not what happens to you in life but how you deal with it that matters. And balancing your lifestyle can prevent stress from leading to more serious health issues.

At Elixir, we have always been very fond of Solgar’s Rhodiola, a herb used for balancing both mental and physical stress. Solgar has now improved the original version, introducing their Balance Rhodiola Complex. In addition to Rhodiola, this mixture now contains a host of other botanical herbs and nutrients that are well researched and have been shown to support human health.

Rhodiola is an incredibly versatile plant. Many of the benefits are related to its function as an adaptogen, or a compound that increases the body’s resistance to any type of stress. It is also known to increase stamina – it’s not called nature’s Viagra for no reason! In fact, after the iron curtain came down, it was found Russian athletes had been dosing up on Rhodiola for years, with no fear of being caught out in drug trials, in order to increase their athletic performance. Additionally, it is also fantastic for short term memory and sharpening concentration.

In trials carried out on medical students during their first two weeks of night duty, significant improvements in physical fitness, mental performance and general well-being were demonstrated. Subjects receiving the Rhodiola extract reported statistically significant reductions in mental fatigue, improved sleep patterns, a reduced need for sleep, greater mood stability and greater motivation.

Another ingredient in Solgar’s Balance Rhodiola Complex is Siberian ginseng, which increases tolerance to various stressors. By regulating adrenal hormones, this herb helps to normalise the way the body responds to stress triggers.

There is also Liquorice root extract, which counteracts the effects of adrenal hormone deficiency, and Roman chamomile extract which has been used for centuries to enhance feelings of calmness and relaxation. Magnesium is a key nutrient involved in proper nerve impulse transmission, and helps relax tense muscles. Also included in this formula you will find vitamins B3, B5, B6 and C, tyrosine, spinach, kelp, pumpkin seed powder, broccoli, rosemary leaf extract and montmorency cherry, all working together to keep you calm and focussed.

So, if you want to feel less stressed, have better quality sleep, feel more energetic with sharpened concentration and better short term memory, give this one a go! For a limited period, we have special packs with free de-stress essential oil with every purchase so now is a great time to try it for yourself. Balance Rhodiola Complex is suitable for most people, so long as you are not pregnant or breast feeding. If you take other medication you should consult your health professional first.

To buy this product click on the following link: You can also view this product at our Solgar Health Store website. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you can telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information. We're always there to help.

By Randi Henderson
Elixir Health Foods

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