Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Solgar Whey Protein Powder

Solgar Protein contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of our bodies. They strengthen and form the many tissues that make up our structure, and in addition, the amino acids are distributed throughout the body to help in the creation of enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters, as well as supplying energy.

Whey Protein has the highest Biological Value of any natural protein (BV is the most widely used method for measuring protein quality), it is higher than eggs, fish and meat. Many whey protein powders go through processes such as ion exchange and microfiltration - these are low temperature processes, which filter off the fat and lactose leaving the protein - also hydrolysation, which makes the whey easier to digest.

Solgar's whey protein powder is tasty and healthy for all types of users.

To buy this product click on the following link: Elixirhealth.co.uk. You can also view this product at our Solgar Health Store website. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you can telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information. We're always there to help.

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