Friday, 24 April 2015

Bio-Strath Elixir - General Tonic For Immune Health

High, High Praise For Product During Intense Radiotherapy! 

This product time-and-time again is reserved for the highest praise by many of our customers, in-store and internet based, and the one we've just received is no exception. (Read it at the foot of the page.) It's called Bio-Strath Elixir. Going for over three generations, it's a Swiss recipe which has been researched and tested to the death by clinical trials, university labs and the like producing a mountain of research paper work.

Depending up the form used there are no contraindications and it is safe, naturally with the consultant's thumbs up, during radiotherapy and chemo. But it's uses are wide and can, and has been used, for myriads of health conditions. Best described as a 'tonic' it's popularity is as an 'immune booster' or a 'pick-me up.'

It comes in many different forms, liquid, tablets and tincture. It's history is fascinating but that's another story.

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 "Hi I wondered if you could give me the contact for your promotions/marketing department. My husband has had a brain tumour and has had 6 weeks of intense radiotherapy. Daily doses of your supplement Bio-Strath Elixir tablets has seen him through this with hardly any symptoms . He's currently challenging himself to a 50+ mile bike ride and he's not even cancer free yet. If you could pass on my email to someone I'd be very interested to speak to them about this."

Kind regards Rachel Haughton

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