Thursday, 31 January 2019

The World's Greatest Pick-Me Up!

"Its stood the test of time."

When you think about it, there's a reason we say "It's stood the test of time," isn't there? Uggs (1978), Dr Martins (1947), Canada Goose Jacket (1957), the Wonderbra (1955), Tampax Tampons (1931), Chanel No5 perfume (1921), Gucci Tennis Shoes (1921), Vaseline (1872) to name but a few cherished icons.

7o years in the health food trade, there's also BioStrath Elixir tonic, just called Strath now (1948) - It's an icon of health, a product still on a trajectory guaranteeing it's survival for decades to come. Strath isn't given much advertising, celebrity endorsements, public relations, sponsorship, etc., etc., like some of the blockbusters above, but what it does is successfully win the hearts of customers.

"When love's not love...Fade away."

Why's Strath so good? Let's forget the techie stuff (you can read it in our blog) and sum it up in one word:


There's NO chemicals. it's all natural, a food tonic, good for everyone. You can take it during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and is especially good for those recovering from chemo or radiotherapy (testimonials on that subject), or simply in need of a boost. It's easy to rave about Strath, to list all the benefits: how it helps to fight exhaustion, fatigue and exam stress, how it helps increase your appetite during recovery to build resistance to colds and infections, that it's good for the elderly or young, athletes, and so on, but why bother? It's not as if i'm trying to sell it. 🙄.

For more information, navigate to our blog via our website - or pop into Elixir and speak to one of our staff.Seriously, once you try it, you will find it sells itself. You'll be pleased you learnt about this healthfood gem and will spread the word. It might also just tick all the Brexit and Trump boxes or at least give some respite from the stress and the common cold abound at the moment.

Jason Henderson
Elixir Health Foods

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