Monday, 17 May 2010

Caring for your Pet - Natural Supplements

We humans often spend more money on the health of our pets than on our own; especially the British...despite high vet costs. Pooch or Felix comfort and love us unconditionally in a way that's hard to beat.

So at Elixir we recognise that fact and stock a range of products to help our feline and canine friends.

Many products cross over, of course, but it's always wise to seek professional help if in doubt. For joints there's MSM, Glucosamine and the fishy-tasting Green Lipped Mussel Extract. Denes, the well known Pet Company have their Greenleaf tablets for eczema and dermatitis and relieving the symptoms of stiffness and arthritis, bladder and kidney problems. Provet produce a great range of animal products for healthy coats, joints and hearts but don't forget good old Cod Liver Oil. ProDen's highly popular PlaqueOff deals with healthy teeth and gums and bad breath. (Check out the one for humans as well!). A Vogel's series of flower remedies for different pet temperaments continue to sell well - classified as "Emergency", "Highly Strung", "Over-Dominant" and "Timid" (I'm sure my wife's putting all these in my tea!). And finally there's the special Seagreens. The manufacturer tells us, "that these easily digested seaweed granules help balance the animal's nutritional profile, regulate metabolism, strengthen immunity and vitality and support the mineral balance in performance." I have never tried them (on my cat) but repeat sales do occur.

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