Thursday, 10 June 2010

Norwegian Wedding - Kirsti and Frode

Just returned from Norway where my sister-in-law got married. Always a great time visiting family over there and the summer's always lovely and warm, at least on the east coast.

After the wedding and meeting up with family, the highlight of the trip has got to be counting bees and butterflies with Magne, my naturalist brother-in-law, and doing the same with bats - into the early hours of the morning.

Here's Magne with his bat counting device by night.

And here he is butterfly counting by day!

We also got to see a little bit different nature but we weren't counting them!

Anyway, here's a bit of video footage of the magic occasion. Apologies for the quality. In the first video, all four sisters sing a 'Trall', folk song, about getting married.

Here are three of the sisters going through the original wedding song the next day, for the very last time!

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