Friday, 14 May 2010

The Miracle of MSM Tablets and Powder - Joints, Cartilage And Much, Much More

When you work in a health food store generally you're under the magnifying glass, so to speak! Not to sound paranoid, you're not allowed ever to get sick or look off colour. You so much as sneeze on the shop floor and the customer comments fly thick and fast. "Can't you sell yourself something for that cold?" "What, work in a health shop and getting ill!"

The girls, of course, have it worse. Naturally, their skin must always glow, look smooth and be free of blemishes! Then, there's the encounter in the grocery stores and the furtive glance at what's in your trolley...Booze is out, ice cream - never! Chocolate a no-no. So many health food store owners, you'll understand, find it less bothersome if they shop in the next town.

Occasionally, a customer will challenge you as to your favourite product in the whole shop. Okay, you try to refine the question - but no, "your favourite product." "I have a few," just won't do.

"Well..." you say, " has to be MSM." Most customers are thrown by the word and frown a bit. They think it's related to some kind of kinky experience or a high street chain of a similar sounding name. . "It stands for methyl sulphonyl methane," you continue.

Some Uses of MSM
There's a great book called the "Miracle of MSM" and the title says it all. In fact, MSM is one of the most abundant minerals in the body (or should be!); a naturally occurring sulphur compound found in every plant and animal tissue. It really is an utter gem in improving your health in so, so, many ways.  It helps create collagen and form cartilage - which flexible joints require. It's good for bone formation, ligaments, tendons and skin. It good for hair and nails, all of which need colllagen, helping hair to strengthen and nails to grow and thicken. It's got so many other uses - but don't take my word for it - do some research of your own...then come and visit us!

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