Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Asphalia Capsules - Sleep Like A Baby And Kitten

"What I'd give to sleep like a baby again!" a customer once remarked in a fit of desperation. Habitual sleeplessness, repeated night after night, is classified as insomnia. There are a wide variety of causes of insomnia and I am assuming that anyone suffering from such a state will probably have consulted their healthcare practitioner and attempted to discover the cause of their own sleeplessness. Difficulty in nodding off and broken sleep patterns is often the result of a number of facors, such as stress, tension or anxiety and can cause symptoms such as headaches, memory and concentration loss, tiredness and low mood.

What most of us want to avoid is unnecesary use of tranquillisers and sedatives. So, I often explain to customers that poor sleep patterns often start during the day. Since stress and anxiety is happening all the time in our lives, more so than at other times, when we turn in for the night we take our stresses to bed with us. That over active mind is what undoes it for us, the 'chattering monkey' as they say in the East. The point is, it may be important to take a natural supplement, such as valerian, during the day to help reduce muscular and mental anxiety. So when we go to bed, the job's half done. We can then complete the dosage of the appropriate supplement to help get that beauty sleep.

You may also try cutting down on fats, coffee and alcohol and avoding watching the tv last thing before retiring. What we want to do is switch your brain from its normal 'beta' wave activity to the more relaxed 'alpha' wave state, which is favoured by babies, cats and meditationists!

The one product which has proven successful over and over in our shop, receiving consistently good comments from customers, staff and my own family, is asphalia. The good thing about asphalia is the deep level of sleep it immerses you in, but it's not addictive. You wake up refreshed, as if you've drunk deeply following a big thirst! It's taken literally half-an-hour before bedtime - and that's it! It's also gluten free, despite being made from barleygrass and wheatgrass, since the gluten is found in the seeds and not the leaves. It's really worth giving asphalia a go if you just can't get proper sleep.

To buy Asphalia click on the following link and visit us at or you can see our range of sleep products by clicking here. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor, you an telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.

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