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Reviber Plus and Vibration Plate

The Reviber Vibration Plate comes in two versions, both at the same price.

OPTION ONE: With a telescopic stand - as seen in the picture.
OPTION TWO: Without a stand (with a remote control instead) this is extra-easy storage version.

Whole Body Vibration, a new type of exercise sweeping Britain's gyms and spas, is a luxury now available to all. The Reviber Vibration Plate is a compact and powerful machine ideal for the home or salon and is a favourite of health and beauty practitioners. This is the new vibe in exercise; this is the Reviber

  • Increase Circulation
  • Increase Bone Mineral Density
  • Improve Leg Muscle Strength
  • Tone the Legs & Buttocks
  • Improve Posture and Balance
  • Alleviate Back Pain
  • Ideal fo the home, office or therapy studio
Further Information
The Reviber Vibration Plate has 8 different speeds, 4 auto-programmes and a hand held controller. (There are 16 different speeds with the stand)

Similar products only go upto 2500 vibrations per minute, whereas the Reviber Vibration Plate can go up to twice that frequency, which makes it more effective.

The Reviber Vibration Plate has been engineered to maximise enjoyment: Unlike other vertical vibration machines, the Reviber Vibration Plate has a comfortably low amplitude and higher speed options that means you get an easy, jolt-free, and fun workout.

It's far lighter and easier to store than the competition, which makes it more likely to be used by the consumer rather than it becoming another product that just 'sits under the stairs'.

We are getting wonderful feedback from our customers about this product, both young and old, and especially from those who don't exercise as they would like.

How Does It Work?
Whole body vibration is used in gyms to increase workout intensity. But if you want, all you need to do is stand on the Reviber Vibration Plate and let the machine do the rest. The vibration stimulates the muscles’ stretch reflex thousands of times every minute – working the same muscles that help you to jump. Just ten minutes on the Reviber Vibration Plate not only strengthens your muscles, but also puts a spring in your step, leaving you feeling revitalised and full of vigour.

Reviber Tonic Vibration
From increased metabolism & fat reduction, to helping with osteoporosis & circulation, there are dozens of studies into the benefits of vibration on the human body, and more studies are underway to verify anecdotal evidence of cellulite reduction and collagen production.  Some studies that have already been conducted have shown that simply standing on a vibratory surface has many benefits and can increase oxygenated blood flow, increase bone mineral density, improve muscle strength, and improve posture and balance.
One study concluded that standing on a vibrating platform is "more effective than walking to improve two major determinants of bone fractures: hip BMD and balance".

A study on men found that "...the biological mechanism produced by vibration is similar to the effect produced by explosive power training (jumping and bouncing)."

From studies on women the researchers concluded that standing on a vibrating surface is as beneficial as going to the gym for improving leg strength and speed of movement!

How Do You Use The Reviber?
The Reviber Vibration Plate can be used in a variety of positions to concentrate the beneficial effects of the Reviber Vibration Plate on different areas of the body, and it can be used with or without footwear.

Reviber Pleasure & Peak Performance
For improving the health and fitness of the elderly or inactive, through to the conditioning of athletes, we feel sure that you will be delighted with the wonderful feeling of the Reviber Vibration Plate. For optimum benefit and peak performance we recommend the Reviber Vibration Plate be used for a maximum of 30 minutes per day, and no more than 2 x 10 minute sessions for the elderly or infirm.  A typical usage is 10 minutes per day.

Differences between the Reviber Vibration Platge and Reviber Plus
Buy the Reviber Plus if it's more an exercise machine you want. With its oscillation motion it will increase muscle tone, muscle strength and can aid weight loss more effectivel.

For people with specific health problems, such as poor circulation, muscle wastage, muscle spasms and poor balance, then you should buy the Reviber Vibration Plate or Reviber Vibration Plate with stand.

Guarantee 5 years on the motor and 2 years on parts.
Power consumption 120W
Speed with stand 16
Speed without stand 8 
Speed 14 - 40Hz  (840 to 2400 vibrations per minute)
Maximum Load 120kg / 19 Stone
Platform 43cm across with a depth of 31cm
Weight boxed Without stand 11.5kgs. With stand 14.3kgs.
Weight unboxed Without stand 9kgs. With stand 12.8kgs.
Please Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.

To buy the Reviber Vibration Plate click here, or on any of the links above. If you wish to speak to a customer advisor about this product, you an telephone us on 01208 814500 for further information.


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