Monday, 27 June 2011

Riding on a toy train

On Sunday 19th June a few of us went to St Teath, in North Cornwall, a pretty village by all accounts. It boasts a pub, a post office and a number of cottages and houses, what you would expect to find in a typical Cornish picture postcard setting. 

But it also has the ST Teath Society of Model Engineers! To you and me it's a large spacious area, a field, if you will, where you can find the St Teath Railway Club. The club boasts over 1,000 ft of 5 inch gauge tract, and it's open to the public several times each year, subject only to the weather.

Yes, it's a big toy, or a small one if you will, but the fun is every bit as big and exciting - if not more - as going on a real life train, only in dinky form! And what fun it was.  The club is open periodically to the public with cream teas and rides in support of charities and local groups. My wife and I, daughter and son-in-law couldn't have been more thrilled.

We went on the steam locomotive which pulled us through a beautifully landscaped area, as well as crossed a little bridge with a little river running below.

Just like the real thing our train broke down a few metres from the station, derailled by...not a leaf...but it didn't matter. The problem was quickly resolved when all the passengers stood up and the train driver quickly picked up the locomotive and set it down again! After stoking the boiler and topping it up with water, we were off again. There was steam in our faces and whistle sounds galore...all in all highly recommended - and a great father's day!

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