Thursday, 12 December 2013

Herbal Vx for Women and Herbal Vy for Men - Low Sex Drive - Maca supplement

Herbal V Y and Herbal VY are herbal food supplements containing standardised extract of Lepedium meyenii, otherwise known as MACA. Maca is known for its beneficial effects on energy, fertility and sexual activity. Herbal-vx-and-vyFew so called aphrodisiacs, be they plant, food or drink, can stand up to the scrutiny of modern science, but the unique extract Maca, has proved an exception.

Grown in the high-altitudes of the Andes, Peruvian folklore, dating back since the 16th century, has it, that Maca has been used to provide relief to both men and women suffering from a low sex drive, loss of libido and an overall lack of energy.

From the Incas through to latter day Peruvians, Maca has increasingly gained popularity and scientific interest. The substantial powerhouse herb, being an adaptogen and therefore working in harmony with the body, has many nutritional qualities.

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